Before You Begin

Sharmayne Jenkins
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Before You Begin will help you begin the journey of discovery and ultimately create goals that better align with an authentic, fulfilling life.

"Before You Begin" is your mini-coach in the form of a guided journal, and it will walk you through the journey of what you need to consider before you make any goals and what to do once you decide what's next.

"Before You Begin" will allow you to craft a self-reflective plan to access the parts of yourself that may prevent or derail you, create goals and strategies that align with your core, and give you guidelines for many days to follow. Before You Begin intertwines journal prompts, planning opportunities, action steps, and quotes to get your mind and heart-centered for you to set powerful goals.

"Before You Begin" journal and planner will support you in taking complete control of creating the results you want in a way that makes your heart smile and hopefully in a way that isn't too overwhelming. So while transformation ain't for punks, it doesn't have to stress you out.

This Ebook looks into:

The areas of your life that are and aren't working and why

The mindsets and narratives that are holding you back and how to shift them

How much are you taking ownership of your life

Determining your "why" and if you are allowing it to guide you; and if not, why

What should really be guiding your goal making

Next steps after creating your goals



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Inspirational quotes
A life satisfaction assessment tool
Thought provoking passages
Journal entry prompts
Monthly, weekly, and daily planning tools
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94 pages


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Before You Begin

2 ratings
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